3 Financial Blog Ideas for May

May 6, 2020

What should financial marketers blog about this month? Our monthly roundup has you covered with timely topics for blog posts, social media campaigns and other marketing ideas. 

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Topic #1: The economy 

It is no small surprise that most people are thinking about their own finances right now, but your audience is also looking for insights into the broader economy. As a search term, “economy” hit a 5-year high in Google Trends at the end of April. 

Time to dust off those Econ 101 books. Possibly for the first time ever, you won’t be boring your family, friends and audience geeking out over the economy. 

The Angle

  • What does it all mean? While no one knows exactly how COVID-19 will impact the economy in the long-term, your audience wants to know what you think. Now is a great time to impart your own brand of wisdom—or just offer an empathetic virtual shoulder to lean on. 
  • Embracing the new, new normal: A big topic of Zoom happy hours have centered around the “new, new normal.” We’re looking at what wasn’t working before and asking how it can be better once we all emerge from our shelter-in-place cocoons. Fragmented health care, workers on the front line without health insurance, a lack of diversity on local economic recovery councils…how can we rebuild better? 

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Topic #2: The Oracle of Omaha speaks

If you were still looking for an indication that the world has changed, here it is: Berkshire Hathaway hosted its annual shareholders meeting in an empty auditorium. Warren Buffett has been sheltering-in-place with the rest of us (and has the hair to prove it), but he still has a lot to say. 

The Angle

  • There is a lot to unpack for your audience from the earning reports alone. The big takeaway: Berkshire bailed out of airline stocks. According to Buffett, “the world has changed for the airlines.”
  • Buffett had a lot of praise for the Federal Reserve’s quick action to prop up the American economy quickly as COVID-19 spread across the nation. He also talked in-depth about the role the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. would have played in the Great Depression, noting that 4,000 banks failed, often taking customer’s money along for the ride down. Something that isn’t as likely to happen now with the FDIC in our corner. 
  • For shareholders worried about the economic toll of COVID-19, Buffett said that while we’re still learning as we go, our ingenuity and invention isn’t something to count out. In his opinion, “In the end, the answer is: Never bet against America.”

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Topic #3: We’re suddenly good at saving money

Americans are saving money in record amounts. The U.S. personal savings rate jumped to 13.1% in March from 8% in February, according to a study published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis

The Angle

  • Your audience is worrying about — and bracing for — the recession. 
  • How can they save more? Try tips to reduce spending and stash more cash.
  • How can they save if their income feels unstable? With more and more of people worrying where their next paycheck will come from, balancing immediate financial plans with our long-term financial goals feels more fraught than ever. 

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