4 Financial Blog Ideas for June 2020

May 22, 2020

What should financial marketers blog about this month? Our monthly roundup has you covered with timely topics for blog posts, social media campaigns and other marketing ideas. 

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#1: Helping your audience get by

To date, more than 38 million Americans have filed for unemployment. While most states have started the complicated process of reopening, there is little clarity as to when jobs will bounce back—if they’re coming back at all. A lot of people are hurting financially right now, but thoughtful content marketing can help them navigate this unprecedented situation.

The Angle

  • Consumer brands can provide a lot of cost-cutting ideas from trimming a budget to staving off debt to cheap ways to have fun indoors this summer. 
  • Wealth managers can help guide clients on how to safeguard their investments during a recession or the best ways to reallocate a summer travel budget toward future financial goals. 
  • If you have a Gen Z audience or an older audience with college-age kids, there’s a lot to explore around coping with graduating into a terrible job market, pivoting career choices and considering a gap year. 

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Topic #2: Helping your audience give back 

People who still have an income are looking for ways to support front-line workers and help those who’ve been financially impacted by the pandemic. Large charitable gifts, including those from corporations and individuals, hit $7.8 billion worldwide last week, with about 2/3rds coming from the United States. 

The Angle

  • How can your audience give back even if they’re cash-strapped themselves? Consider providing tips for working charitable donations into a tight budget.
  • Which one-for-one models are helping the most during the pandemic? Highlight companies that are doing good in your next listicle—like this Hedley & Bennett Wake Up and Fight Mask, which donates a mask to those in need for every one purchased. 
  • Where can charitable donations make the most impact? Help your audience understand their options and find the best use of their dollars.

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Topic #3: ESG on the rise 

ESG (environmental, social and governance) investing had a banner year in 2019, with record inflows that eclipsed 2018’s previous record by almost 400%. This already hot topic has reached a fever pitch since the onset of COVID-19, with many ESG funds outperforming the benchmark as oil and energy sectors (verboten in ESG land) have tanked. 

The Angle

  • Got a millennial audience? They want to know more about ESG. According to a 2019 Morgan Stanley report, 9 in 10 millennials are interested in sustainable investing. Consider diving into an ESG topic they care about, like how to support companies that are treating employees well during the pandemic (the “S” in ESG).
  • If you manage an ESG strategy, you already have plenty to talk about. B2C and non-investment financial brands can join the conversation by providing education and raising awareness of this trend.  

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Topic #4: Pride Month

June is Pride Month, and while most of the parades are canceled this year, many financial brands are showing their support for the LGBTQ community in a virtual way. 

The Angle

  • Most Pride parades are canceled this year, but some financial brands are sharing their support virtually. Charitable donations, community assistance, investing in LGBTQ businesses — if your brand is making an impact, by all means, highlight it! (Just keep it authentic — no rainbow washing, please).
  • The LGBTQ community faces specific financial challenges worth addressing, including the fact that there aren’t many financial bloggers or gurus within the community. Financial brands might consider a blog series bylined by an LGBTQ employee or partnering with an LGBTQ financial planner to create content.

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