6 Financial Advisor Blog Ideas for June

May 1, 2023

What should financial marketers and advisors talk about this month? Our monthly roundup has you covered with timely topics for blog posts, social media campaigns, and other marketing ideas. 

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Topic #1: Mid-year financial check-in 

June officially marks the middle of the year (how did that happen?), which makes it a perfect time to check in with your readers about their financial goals.

Think about it this way: We all start strong with our New Year’s resolutions on January 1st, hoping this year will be different. But when summer is in full swing, most resolutions are simply forgotten. A mid-year check-in can reenergize your readers to reach for those milestones — whether sticking to a budget, paying down debt, or investing in an IRA.

The angle

  • The goal is to encourage your readers to sit down with their finances. A quick review can help them see if they’re on track (or not) to reach their goals.
  • Aim to keep advice actionable and realistic.
  • Curious about content structure? We love a good listicle-style tip list for this kind of post.

Blog inspiration

Topic #2: Father’s Day 

Father’s Day is a major spending holiday, making it a good time of year to discuss budgeting tips or roll out gift guides. But it is also a good day to connect with your readers on a more personal level.

The angle

  • Financial planning for fathers: Explore the financial considerations that come with fatherhood. Discuss topics like setting up an emergency fund, life insurance, college savings plans, or estate planning. Provide insights into how fathers can ensure the financial security of their families and plan for their children’s future.
  • Personal finance lessons from fathers: Share stories or interviews highlighting the financial wisdom fathers have imparted. This could include lessons on saving, investing, entrepreneurship, or managing debt. Feature anecdotes or experiences from successful individuals who credit their fathers’ financial advice for their achievements.
  • Father’s Day experiences on a budget: Offer ideas for meaningful Father’s Day experiences that don’t break the bank like homemade gifts, outdoor adventures, or family game night

Blog inspiration

Topic #3: Federal Student Aid deadline looming 

June is high school graduation season and federal student aid season. The application for free Federal Student Aid (aka the FAFSA) for the 2022 – 2023 school year is June 30th.

While that may seem like a pretty simple task — just tell your social media audience that the deadline is approaching — FAFSA can be notoriously complicated. Help your readers out with a blog post or two.

The angle

  • Break down the FAFSA application process into simple steps. Explain the information and documents required, such as tax returns, bank statements, and personal identification details.
  • Consider common questions and concerns your audience may have about the process. Explain how the FAFSA considers family income, assets, and other factors to determine financial need. Address concerns about privacy and security when submitting sensitive financial information.
  • Provide tips and strategies for maximizing financial aid opportunities. Discuss options like searching for additional scholarships, understanding the different types of aid available, and exploring work-study opportunities. Encourage students and families to actively seek out financial aid resources beyond just the FAFSA.

Blog inspiration

Topic #4: Juneteenth 

Juneteenth is an important historical and cultural event commemorating enslaved African Americans’ emancipation in the United States. As a financial marketer, you can use your platform to contribute to the ongoing conversation about equality and financial empowerment while celebrating the achievements and resilience of the African American community.

The angle

  • Discuss the historical and present-day challenges the African American community faces in achieving economic equality. Explore topics like the racial wealth gap, access to capital, entrepreneurship, and strategies for financial empowerment. Share success stories and highlight organizations or initiatives working towards economic equality.
  • Showcase the importance of supporting and investing in minority-owned businesses. Discuss the economic impact and potential benefits of diversifying investment portfolios with minority-owned companies. Highlight successful minority-owned businesses and provide resources for individuals interested in supporting or investing in these ventures.
  • Discuss strategies for building financial resilience in the face of systemic challenges. Explore topics such as overcoming financial barriers, navigating discriminatory lending practices, and addressing the impact of historical injustices on generational wealth.

Blog inspiration

Topic #5: Wedding season 

June is wedding season — and that doesn’t come cheap. The average cost of a wedding is now predicted to be $29,000. Many happy couples go into debt they can spend years paying off after a wedding.

Luckily, as a financial marketer, you’re a pro at helping people save money on their dream day.

The angle

  • Help them plan a wedding budget and offer tips for cost-saving strategies. Discuss how to prioritize expenses, negotiate with vendors, and make smart financial decisions while planning a wedding.
  • Discuss the idea of saving and investing for a wedding. Provide tips on how to create a dedicated savings plan, automate contributions, and take advantage of investment vehicles to grow wedding funds.
  • Discuss the importance of financial planning after the wedding. Provide guidance on merging finances, creating joint bank accounts, revisiting financial goals, and planning for shared financial responsibilities. Explore topics such as setting up an emergency fund, budgeting as a couple, or planning for future milestones like homeownership or starting a family.

Blog inspiration

Topic #6: Pride Month 

Pride Month is an important celebration of the LGBTQ+ community’s accomplishments, history, and ongoing fight for equality. Consider collaborating with LGBTQ+ voices and experts to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of your content.

The angle

  • Address the unique financial challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals and offer strategies for overcoming them. Discuss issues like wage gaps, discrimination in employment and housing, healthcare access, or retirement planning concerns.
  • Showcase LGBTQ+-owned businesses and the importance of supporting them. Discuss the economic impact of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and highlight success stories.
  • Discuss the importance of financial planning and legal considerations for LGBTQ+ individuals and couples. Address topics such as estate planning, healthcare proxies, adoption, or surrogacy expenses. Highlight resources, financial planners, or legal experts who specialize in LGBTQ+ financial and legal matters.

Blog inspiration

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