5 Financial Blog Ideas for October

September 1, 2023

What should financial marketers and advisors talk about this month? Our monthly roundup has you covered with timely topics for blog posts, social media campaigns, and other marketing ideas. 

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Topic #1: And the rate hikes keep comin’, comin’…

In another attempt to curb inflation, the Federal Reserve has hiked rates again. And most experts agree the Fed isn’t finished yet. Goldman Sach economists raised their forecast, now predicting rate hikes in November, December, and February to hit a peak funds rate of 4.25-4.75%. 

Rate hikes and runaway inflation have the nation on edge. A recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National Poll found that 37% of Americans feel their finances have gotten worse in the last year, while 72% have cut back on at least one necessity or splurge — and most of them blame inflation. 

All the financial lingo in the news lately isn’t doing much to calm anxieties, but you can help your audience. They’re looking for simple-to-understand explainers and no-nonsense advice on how to navigate this turbulent economy.

The angle:

  • Provide a breakdown of how Fed rate hikes work to stabilize inflation, what your readers can expect in the coming months, and where they will be the most impacted. 
  • Consider a Q&A to answer common financial questions in times of economic woes. Is this a recession? Should I be saving money or paying off debt? Is this a safe time to keep investing?
  • Help dull the pain of rising costs with quick personal finance tips your readers can use to save money without sacrificing too much. 

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Topic #2: More seniors are living in poverty 

Poverty rates among seniors increased from 8.9% in 2021 to 10.3% in 2022, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau. The troubling news comes at a time when other poverty indicators — like the child poverty record — are dropping. 

The upcoming 2023 Social Security cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, is expected to be the biggest gain in decades, but most experts agree it won’t be enough to help the more than one million Americans 65 years and older now facing poverty for the first time.

Your audience in or nearing retirement may be more worried about making their retirement funds last now. While those still in the workforce are wondering how they can ensure they have enough to live on when the time comes. This is a good time to discuss how all life stages can protect their retirement. 

The angle:

  • The 2023 COLA has the potential to make a big impact for many seniors. Keep those timely updates coming so your audience stays in the loop. 
  • For those nearing (or already in) retirement, seeing others in their age group face poverty in a time of a pandemic, high inflation, and recession worries can be alarming. Help tamper anxieties with advice on stretching retirement funds. 
  • Younger investors may not know how much they need to retire. Consider a Q&A to discuss expected needs — and how they can get there over time. 

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Topic #3: Student loan relief is fraught with scams 

While the application for student loan relief is expected to be released in October, thousands of anxious student debt holders are already getting hammered with scams. 

An investigation by the Tech Transparency Project found 12% of Google ads for key terms around student loans and debt forgiveness were scams. Scammers are also calling student loan holders and taking advantage of the long-awaited government emails by creating realistic-looking phishing dupes

Get ahead of scammers by providing readers with updates on the debt forgiveness program and real advice on how to apply. 

The angle:

  • Scammers are winning because people are getting tired of waiting and may even feel worried their loans won’t be forgiven. Keep your readers in the loop with quick updates. 
  • NPR reports that after Biden announced the news, borrowers flooded the only place they could think to go: the studentaid.gov website. Navigating government programs is never easy. Consider an explainer on where — and how — to safely apply for debt forgiveness when the application is live. 

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Topic #4: Extended tax returns are due 

The tax extension deadline is October 17th. This year an estimated 19 million taxpayers opted for an extension, according to the Internal Revenue Service — an estimated all-time high. 

Those who may not have been quite ready in April may be panicking a bit right now as the deadline looms. Many will still be in the process of trying to get their returns together and may have questions as first-time extension seekers. 

The angle:

  • With so many first-timers seeking extensions this year, consider an explainer on how submitting your tax returns later in the year may differ. Should filers expect to pay any fees? What happens if they didn’t make estimated taxes in April when they filed for an extension?
  • No matter when you file, you want to pay the least possible. How about a Q&A on possible tax credits and deductions they can still take advantage of?

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Topic #5: Financial Planning Month is in full swing 

October is officially Financial Planning Month, which means this is a great time to talk about financial planning topics. 

Now that experts are increasingly sounding recession alarms, your audience will likely be looking for tips on how they can prepare now and make it through a potential recession with their financial goals intact. Q&As with experts, think pieces on the economy, and even listicles with sound financial planning advice are perfect for this particular Financial Planning Month. 

The angle: 

  • Financial planning month is all about planning ahead. Consider Q&As on how to set realistic financial goals both in the short and long term. 
  • Short lists of tried-and-true financial advice can help to quell economic worries right now. 

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