How B2C Financial Brands Can Talk About the Economy

May 7, 2020

For the past several weeks, financial brands have been using content marketing to answer their customers’ money questions about the here and now—how to defer loan payments, where to get financial assistance, how to position investments for a recession, etc. 

But as the weeks go by, the unemployment rate ticks up and more businesses go bust, audiences are increasingly thinking about the long-term. When will the economy recover, what will it look like when it does, and how does that impact me/my family/the world?

If you work for an asset manager with a chief economist on staff, it’s easier to opine on this subject. But I would argue that all financial marketers should be talking about the economy—even if you’re talking to a consumer audience—for two big reasons:

  1. It’s nearly impossible to talk about customers’ personal finances without acknowledging what’s happening on a macro level. 
  2. The changing economy is on people’s minds more now than it ever has been in our lifetime.

On that second point, I’ve noticed the zeitgeist personally (I’ve had more conversations about “the supply chain” this past week than I’ve had in my whole life). A quick Google Trends search suggested I’m onto something: US-based searches for terms including the word “economy” hit a 5-year high this past week. 


Search Interest Over Time: “economy”

search interest economy

And here are a few other recent spikes I found interesting:

Search Interest Over Time: “economic change”

search interest economic change

Search Interest Over Time: “how does economy work”

search interest- how does economy work

Search Interest Over Time: “what is the new economy”

search interest what is the new economy

5 “Economy” Content Marketing Angles for B2C Brands

Clearly, there is a fever pitch around the topic of the economy, even for people who didn’t think about it much before. 

If you are a B2C financial marketer who isn’t accustomed to talking about the economy, you may be wondering how your brand can tap into the conversation and guide your audience in an authentic way. Here are a few ideas:


Idea #1: How the economy works & how it will change

Depending on the sophistication of your audience, there’s a lot to explore here. But don’t feel you have to go too deep—the idea is to distill some pretty complex topics (markets, supply chains, trade) and make the connection to what people are experiencing personally.

For example, I have yet to see an easy-to-read primer on how the economy works, how the Coronavirus phenomenon is affecting it, and what that could mean for individuals (if I’ve missed it, please send my way!).



Idea #2: How individuals can influence the economy

People who haven’t been financially impacted really want to help those who have, both on an individual and a systemic level. In addition to providing resources on helping vulnerable communities and front line workers, give your audience ideas about how to vote with their dollars, support small businesses, and invest in the changes they’d like to see in our economy.



Idea #3: How to position your career or business for the changing economy

We’re already starting to see the winners and losers on an industry- and company-level, and that will impact what kinds of jobs and small businesses will be in demand as the economy recovers. Help your audience stay ahead of the curve with insights into what skills and services may be in demand in the coming months and years.

Want more content marketing inspo? Download our 2020 Financial Content Planning Calendar to stay up-to-date on all the events that impact people’s money.


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