August financial marketing ideas

5 Financial Advisor Content Marketing Ideas for August

July 1, 2023

What should financial marketers blog about this month? Our monthly roundup has you covered with timely topics for blog posts, social media campaigns and other marketing ideas. 

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While we’re still in the thick of COVID-19’s impact, your audience is embracing an unusual summer. Whether that means skipping the annual summer family reunion, facing the daunting impact of homeschooling the kiddos in the fall or considering a life spent WFH, they’ve got a lot going on right now. Here’s how to guide them through it.

Help Parents Budget for an Unusual Back-to-School

…because they really need the help. Saying COVID-19 has been challenging for parents might be the understatement of 2020. Between navigating delayed starts, partial in-class semesters or the joys of homeschooling, most parents are already near their limit. And now they have to buy school supplies to boot. Money is tight and stress is high. Help the parents in your audience out with a roundup of tips to save money on all the supplies their kids will lose by Thanksgiving. 




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Navigate Government Benefits for Your Audience 

The extended unemployment benefits millions of Americans were relying on may be coming to an end and it’s likely some of your audience will be working with $600 less a week. However, a second round of stimulus checks seems all but certain (at least maybe). Now is a great time to help your audience (especially if they fall in the near-prime to subprime range) navigate both their benefits and their tight budgets. 

Already created a resource article for benefits and financial assistance earlier in the year? Update your existing content with new information and share it on social. Feeling at a loss for what to cover? Interview personal finance influencers for their best tips. 


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Help Make Sense of What’s Going on 

In the midst of a global pandemic and a recession, your audience has a lot of questions. They’re more interested than ever in topics about the economy and the stock market—and they want to hear your insight. 

Lately, we’re seeing people wonder how the economy could be in a recession while the stock market is rebounding. This is a great time for a blog post on how the two aren’t as related as we think. (Check out this piece from The Huffington Post for an in-depth explainer.)


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Use Social Media to Highlight Safe (and Affordable) Summer Traveling

Nationwide, we’re not requesting time off. For example, Craig Maloney, CEO of Maestro Health, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette employees have taken 25% – 30% fewer days so far this year, a sentiment echoed by many business owners. 

Many employees don’t feel like they can afford — or risk — taking a vacation right now. But skipping time off leads to poorer mental health and higher stress levels. While far-flung destinations and expensive resort stays might be off the table this summer, you leverage social media to help your audience find affordable ways to reclaim their PTO. Highlight staycation ideas, share photos of socially-distancing glamping or host a live Q&A with a budget travel expert. 

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Take the First-Person Approach to These Changing Times 

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we live our lives (a “new normal” if you’re not totally tired of that phrasing). And one of the biggest shifts might be in how and where we work. Companies are catching on that it is safer and cheaper to keep employees remote. In turn, employees are realizing they don’t have to live in expensive urban areas to keep their jobs and many are already pulling up roots and heading to smaller, cheaper locals. 

This is a great opportunity to survey your audience and use that data to craft a few blog posts. Or, you could interview someone who’s in the process of relocating for an honest first-person account. 



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